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Life is fleeting. Shouldn't photography be about capturing the memories of your loved one the way they are now? That's why here at Alicia Anir Photography, we offer our Lifestyle and Family Portraits. We know that once your little ones grow up and those teenagers start driving those cars, you can never get the little things back that make those moments precious. Our Lifestyle Portrait Sessions are designed to capture the essence of your family. We want you to have memories of the things you love best about your families.


The Lifestyle and Family Session begins with an initial consultation held in person or by video conferencing during which we will learn more about you and your family. We want to know details like how you guys met, what are your children's names, what are their favorite activities, what do you like to do together as a family, and more. During your initial consultation, we'll discuss times, locations, themes, and generally what you can expect from Alicia Anir Photography. Because we want you to be completely prepared, we have also created a special Family Welcome Guide just for that will explain all the detail and answer any questions you may have. 


Preparation in the key to success in any photoshoot, and our Lifestyle and Family sessions are of no exception. Families maybe be asked to think about their color schemes or outfit changes in relation to their chosen locations. We recommend that the night before your session, you prepack a session ready kit that includes hair and make up products, toy and snacks for the little ones, water bottles and any chosen props that you would like to include for your session. It's a good idea to map out your destination before hand to arrive on time for your session. Families including pets in their session should also ensure that pets are well fed and hydrated before beginning the session.


Sessions will typically begin 3 - 4 hours before sunset at your chosen location unless otherwise stated. Families will first be set for formal family portraits the first 90 minutes of the session. The last half of the session will be dedicated to capturing the personalities of the different dynamics of the family. Families should expect lots of smiles and laughter! During this time, we will observe the family enjoying family moments and capture those moments as they are from the small details to the big picture. Family members are encourage to be themselves and enjoy the moment!


Viewing and Ordering Sessions will be scheduled shortly after the conclusion of your session. All decision making parties are required to be at the ordering session. During this time, you will have a chance to view and choose your favorite images, purchase one our collections, and select optional gifts for family and friends. Clients can expect 6-8 weeks before their images arrive.  

Session Fees begin at $125. Contact Alicia today to begin your LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE!